About | Stillwaters Healing Arts
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It’s my belief and experience that among all of our deepest desires is the longing to be fully seen, validated, and loved, when all the masks are taken away- for who we truly and authentically are.


I view the role of therapist or life coach as the mirror that reflects the light within. In our darkest hours, it can be difficult to see ourselves clearly, to find the path hidden in the seemingly impenetrable forest of grief, despair, anger, or loneliness.


Were it not for the blessing of the powerful mentors, therapists, and confidantes that showed up at just the right moments in my own life, I most certainly would not be where I am today! At an early age I realized that I felt called to attempt to be for others what they had so generously been for me – lights in the darkness.

Education / Training / Professional Associations


Master of Arts (MA) in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology – Naropa University (Boulder, CO)


Transformational Wilderness Guide (TWG) – Earth-Based Institute (Boulder,CO)


Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Cultural Anthropology – The University of Georgia (Athens, GA)


Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Spanish – The University of Georgia (Athens, GA)


Licensed Professional Counselor Associate (A12231) in North Carolina