Stillwaters Healing Arts | Asheville Therapist | Monroe Spivey, LPCA
Stillwaters Healing Arts is owned by Asheville Therapist Monroe Spivey. She specializes in working with women in the areas of anxiety, grief, sexuality, women's issues, life & career transitions, and manifesting.
Asheville Therapist
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Seeking out a therapist or life coach can be a scary step. In traditional cultures, trusted elders, tribal leaders, and sages inhabited the roles of guide, confidante, and leader. Yet in our highly individualistic and fast-paced society, many of us live under the guise that we need to maintain a “stiff upper lip,” that “boys don’t cry”, and that we need to “push through”, no matter what the consequences.


In this new era, to whom do we turn for support?


Maybe you’re struggling with deep-seated depression or anxiety, and simply sending a text, picking up the phone, or searching on the Internet for help is an enormous step. Perhaps you’re at a crossroads in life and grappling with leaving your marriage, exploring your sexuality, or find yourself in the throes of active addiction.


Or maybe you just need someone to listen.


Whatever your circumstances, we can navigate them – together.

Client-centered therapy

You are the expert on your life story! I offer compassionate, intuitive listening, and a treatment plan tailored to your unique goals and needs.

Long distance life coaching

Are you a frequent traveler, or live outside of the Asheville area? Or, does the idea of meeting in-person seem just too overwhelming? Long distanced coaching services provide you with professional guidance - when and where you need it.

Holistic approach

We are what we believe - yet that's only part of the story! My approach melds many therapeutic modalities to address the whole person - mind, body, and spirit.

Sliding Scale

Professional, affordable care designed to meet your unique needs.