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Choosing a therapist is a significant (and sometimes scary!) step. There are many different orientations to therapy, and it’s my desire to assist you in making the choice that’s right for you – whether that’s working together, or a referral to another helping professional in your area.


Since the beginning of human history, people have ventured into wild places to find healing. Only very recently has transformation been relegated to within the confines of four walls. As a trained transformational wilderness guide, I offer the integration of the natural world into the therapeutic process for those who are willing. This can take a variety of different forms! From meeting under a tree, engaging in a soul wander, to a guided vision quest, there are a myriad ways to allow the natural world to support your healing process.


Think back to the last time you felt anger, sadness, or even joy. Did you feel a tightening in your chest, a drop in your stomach, or a burst of energy that reverbated throughout your body? In my personal and professional experience, everything we feel – grief, anger, jealousy, or joy – finds its resting place in the body. Trauma, no matter how small – lives on in the body. So, too, does each of our personal wisdom! What are you holding on to, suppressing, or denying? My practice is somatically centered, and seeks to reacquaint each individual with the inherent power of her own body, heart and soul’s wisdom.

Mindfulness Informed

In our fast-paced, busy lives, it can be difficult to care for our minds, our bodies, our spirits – or even to keep track of what time it is! Keeping up this frantic pace is exhausting. By offering my clients tools to reconnect with the present moment, I support them in tapping in to the empowerment and wisdom of that still yet unwavering inner voice. 





Women’s Issues

Life / Career Transition